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Beyond Our Planet, takes a look at the Universe we live in. Find out how far Earth is from the Sun, and the other planets in our Solar System. Learn about each of the planets. How large they are and how fast they are spinning as well as moving along their orbit. Learn how far a planet travels in one circuit around the Sun. Learn all these things and much more.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Planet Mars

Mars is the fourth closest planet to the Sun

Beyond Our Planet - Planet Mars -1

Diameter of Mars = 4,214 Miles

Distance from Mars to the Sun = 128,390,000 miles at its closest and 154,860,000 miles at its furthest.

Distance from Mars to Earth = 33,900,000 miles at its closest.

One Rotation of Mars takes = 24 hours 39 minutes 35 seconds

One Orbit around the Sun takes = 687 Earth Days

Atmosphere on Mars = 95.3% Carbon Dioxide, 2.7% Nitrogen, 1.3% Argon, only .13% Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide .07%, Water Vapor .03%

Speed of Travel during orbit = Approximately 53,977.26 MPH

Distance of Travel (one Orbit) = Approximately 889,976,997 Miles


  1. For such a picture of Mars, you really should put comments to clearly specify its origin. Is it a real picture of Mars or a digital creation?!!

  2. Idk? I had a report on Mars and the information helped.

  3. maers is awesome

    1. maers? learn to spell MARS